Revolutionary ED Therapy Sacramento

At Pacific Men’s Clinic, we specialize in providing state of the art ED Therapy at our Sacramento clinic. Our ED therapy medical experts are excited to offer acoustic wave therapy to patients struggling with the debilitating effects of erectile dysfunction. Acoustic wave therapy is offered by specially trained doctors and is performed as a continuous procedure, with additional ED Therapy treatments to improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The amount of treatments depend on the severity level of ED, with every case being different. Fortunately, most men respond very well with 6 to 12 weekly treatments, and start seeing results after 1 to 2 treatments.

Shockwave therapy differs from other ED Therapy treatment options in that it offers a potential cure for ED. If you have erectile dysfunction and want to reverse your condition, then our shock wave ED Therapy is the perfect solution.

If you have always wanted to experience satisfying sex and achieve a harder, longer-lasting erection, acoustic wave therapy can help. If you are one of the millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, there is a novel minimally invasive therapy called Acoustic Wave Erectile Dysfunction Therapy now offered at or Sacramento Men’s Clinic. Currently, there are no effective, long-lasting ED medicines that address the root cause of erectile dysfunction in men, acoustic wave therapy may be the solution we have all been waiting for. At Pacific Men’s Clinic we have discovered how it can not only help rejuvenate your sex life and boost your self-esteem but can also help you if you ever want to experience sex that is satisfying enough to make you feel like you are in your 20’s again!

This is a device that sends an acoustic signal ( powerful shock waves) to the tissue, similar to a lithotripsy machine used to treat kidney stones. This process uses low-intensity acoustic waves administered by a specialist to trigger the process of neovascularization of the penis. To achieve this, this procedure is applied directly to your penis and a low-intensity non-invasive acoustic wave therapy.

Specialized pulsed focused sound waves are emitted to the tissue to open and repair aging blood vessels, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, restore blood flow, and improve the quality of erection. Sound waves can treat ED by repairing aging blood vessels, stimulating the growth of new blood vessels, and removing decades of micro plaques build up.

In men with Peyronie’s disease, there is a pile of evidence that shock wave therapy can help with pain and even curvature. Dr.Ahmid Dredar, the medical director of Pacific Men’s Clinic, has seen incredible results in treating men suffering from peyronie’s disease, even when traditonal medicines have failed them.Men interested in acoustic wave therapy that typically respond very well have mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, contemporary research is increasingly showing the benefits of acoustic wave therapy in the treatment of vascular ED and in men with Peyronie’s disease. Low-intensity shock wave therapy improved erections in 75% of men suffering from vascular ED, with sustained improvement lasting more than 3 years in several studies.

Acoustic wave therapy stimulates the production of new blood vessels and ensures a comprehensive rejuvenation of the penis and its functionality. By building up and improving blood circulation in the treatment area, acoustic shock wave therapy can help restore natural function without relying on ED pills, and it can regenerate aging blood vessels. After completion of treatment with acoustic wave therapies, we expect the results to continue to improve over several weeks, with improved blood circulation and the ability to form new blood vessels.

While pills, creams, and painful injections are used to treat ED, none of these traditional options can achieve results like our ED Therapy at our Sacramento Men’s Clinic Unlike ED treatments, which merely mask symptoms and provide temporary relief, acoustic wave therapy addresses the cause of ED and Peyronie’s disease and in most cases provides lasting relief.

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