ED Treatment Sacramento

ED Treatment Sacramento

Check out this fascinating video testimonial about ED treatment at our Sacramento location. At Pacific Men’s Clinic we harness the most advanced acoustic wave ED therapy. This results in pill and injection free resolution of men’s sexual health issues, such as erectile dysfunction. Our acoustic wave therapy ED treatments dissolve micro plaque that is obstructing blood vessels in the penis, getting to the root issue of ED. This results in increase blood flow naturally to the penis. Click here to book a consultation with our Medical Doctor today.

How does Acoustic Wave ED Therapy Work?

While numerous ed therapies center around tending to the manifestations, acoustic wave treatment treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction. The manifestations of ed come from an absence of appropriate blood dissemination to the male private parts. In all likely hood this disease process will exacerbate with age. Since erections are the consequence of enhanced blood circulation in the penis, wasteful or debilitated veins can make accomplishing or keeping up an erection a test or even inconceivable for some men. Studies have shown that acoustic wave ED therapy is effective in over 75% of cases, even after factoring in severe cases of erectile dysfunction! Due to Pacific Men’s Clinic experience and knowledge with the standardized protocols, our Sacramento practice has over a 90% success rate.

Acoustic wave treatment, or in layman’s terms to as shockwave treatment, utilizes the vitality of acoustic waves to animate a procedure called neovascularization inside the corpus cavernosum of the penis. Neovascularization is the medical term of the creation of new blood vessels, resulting in improving blood flow to the area where the focused acoustic waves are applied. The acoustic waves additionally work to dissolve plaque that can gather in the delicate vessels of the penis, this allows for the reopening of the collateral blood vessels. Shock wave therapy has the incredible capability of regenerating older blood vessels and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels.

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