My ex boyfriend informed me he was avoiding intercourse because he has ED. Was it wrong for me to break up with him since we were no longer intimate?

  • You settled on the best choice for yourself with the information you had at that point, so you shouldn’t blame yourself for ending the relationship.
  • You can always consider attending couples therapy with a licensed therapist if you want to reconsider starting back the relationship.
  • It’s additionally essential to have sympathy for your ex, since society has caused men to feel like ED is something to be embarrassed about.

I simply parted ways with my boyfriend, and before that, we hadn’t had intercourse in a year. During that time, I attempted to address the issue yet my now-ex appeared to be unengaged.

I addressed him about our absence of closeness multiple times and even recommended sex therapy, however he wasn’t participating with me and chose not to be open with me. The third and last time I brought up this issue I told him the last time I will try to address the problem. A couple of months passed by and nothing changed, so I broke up with him. While I was saying a final farewell to him, he conceded he had been suffering from erectile dysfunction in silence and was embarrassed to admit his issue.

Was my decision to break up with him valid or was that cruel of me?

– Courtney

Dear Courtney,

You made the best decision for yourself dependent on the information you had at that time, and I don’t think you should feel remorseful about that.

You’re additionally permitted to feel harmed and crushed that your ex didn’t speak the truth about his issues while you were dating, particularly since they influenced you, and you put forth an attempt to face them. Simultaneously, you can perceive the subtlety of the circumstance.

Consider how little that we are educated by all of the parameters of sex and how society shames men that are suffering from sexual health issues. Men can feel like they are weak if they talk about their ED.

“I have a great deal of sympathy for him since society has truly disclosed to him that there’s some kind of problem with him, and all men should be like robots and achieve an erection at a snap of a finger.,” ED Specialist Doctor Ahmid Dredar MD.

In all actuality, most men will encounter ED at some point during their lives.

Possibly your ex sharing his own ED experience during your separation was his initial phase in getting the assistance he needs.

In the event that you feel like he has the ability to be more transparent and communicative with you and you need to return to your relationship, you absolutely can. In any case, make certain to push the significance of working through challenges and issues as a team.

Dr. Dredar said going to sex treatment together, as you recently proposed to your ex, is an incredible beginning stage.

Dr. Dredar said, “It seems as though it’s truly an ideal opportunity for an open discussion about his ED and how it impacts your relationship. It is essential that it’s performed in a non judgmental manner since it’s a very sensitive topic for a man.”

He included that therapy is the ideal situation for vulnerable discussions since it puts attention on how you bring up and overcome sensitive topics.

However, in the event that your ex doesn’t appear to be prepared to deal with your intimacy issues, you shouldn’t feel committed to support him. He has to be able to admit he has an issue and be open with you if you want to be in a healthy sustainable relationship.

Pacific Men’s Clinic Team

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